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KOBELCO Construction Machinery
Dream-Driven Co-Creation Research Center

In order to achieve Digital Transformation (DX) and Society 5.0, it is necessary for the construction industry to create new value by utilizing IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, we are conducting research in the fields of production, construction, and service with the aim of establishing a new work style in the construction industry and realizing a stable supply of high-quality construction equipment.
Production:In a high-mix low-volume production line, the amount of operational data is often insufficient for applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In such cases, we are conducting research utilizing operational data to optimize production lines.
Construction:If a single operator can perform construction using multiple remote-controlled construction equipment and automatic construction equipment, it will be possible to improve site productivity massively. We are conducting research on a control system utilizing Digital Twin for construction equipment that can play an active role in such construction.
Service: In order to provide after-sales service, we are conducting research on how to detect failure signs in advance by analyzing operational data obtained from construction equipment using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


Data-Driven Smart System Collaborative Research Laboratory

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